Sunset steampunk wallpaperEmber. The Spiral City. Ember is the capitol city of the Archon Emperium and the crown jewel of their methodical civilization for centuries, though, only in the past several decades has the gigantic metropolis lived up to it’s namesake. Originally built over the Bay of Broken Swords, the city was created by the Archon ancestral family in what is believed to have been the year 1146 AE and was originally to be a cross roads from the frozen north to the many merchant lands south of the great divide. Built then around the three spiraling rivers that flow from the bay and off the coast, Ember’s wealth and might spread quickly due to it’s location.

During the Battles of Evermore, on the last days of the Reckoning, the city played host to the human groups from all over the Core as the Lord Xeen waged war on the world and its people. During these times, despite the war ravaging almost all other parts of the world, Ember grew still more in its wealth and reach. It wasn’t, however, until after the elder Archons died in the MageWar and the young Princess Arrusemia took control that the look and breadth of Ember took hold to what it is now. The city, while still resting over the bay and its river inlets, is now elevated on a series of large steel platforms, accessible by equally large elevators, giving the city a widespread and segmented, almost spiral, look to it’s varying districts.

They city is currently divided into 5 main districts; the Castle District, Glarond’s Harbour, The Floating Market, The Jewel District and the Glass District.

The Archon’s keep, known to their citizens as the Arch Labrynth due to it’s unusual construction and winding passageways, dominates the Castle district. The Labrynth was created shortly after Queen Arrusemia’s grandfather took the mantle of king, and many claim that the king’s own paranoia over his court wizards as well as his own elder eclecticism had him building then rebuilding the keep well past his own 40 year rule. As such, the castle contains a large number of unusual and misleading characteristics. Many hallways go nowhere and a large number of trap or secret doors exist. A large part of the castle is built using and around the use of the city’s clock work and automatons, and as such, can be a difficult if not almost impossible to navigate without great knowledge of it’s construction.

The waterfront district, known by the locals for it’s founder, the great warrior priest and merchant king who ran it upon its birth, as Glarond’s Harbor, is acts as a polar opposite to the cold steel and smoke stack towers of the rest of Ember. Large wooden docks as far as the eye can see run into the shanty town’s that make up the shops and homes of Glarond’s Harbor. All non-royal ships and sea trade come through, and as such, with the exception of the Visitor’s Port, the district is as rough and untameable as the sea itself.

The Floating Market is known to all merchants in the empirium and almost all of it’s citizens, from coast to crest. While the smallest of all the district’s in the city, it is widely said and rightfully so that “if it was, is or can be made, it can be bought in the Ember Promenade.” Ebbing and flowing almost seamlessly with the cold, steel perches of Ember’s residential districts, the Promenade rests against the city’s South Eastern gate entrance and acts as an almost unofficial welcoming party for the metropolis’ many visitors. Its tall tents and iron and mortar factories stand as garish watch guards to the unsuspecting new-commer to the Spiral City.

The Jewel District, unlike many others available to the people of Ember, is a clear monument to wealth. The various high lords and officials of Ember live in Jewel, the district that draws in only the best artisans and merchants. Flamehold, the headquarters of the city guard, rests here as well as the largest library in the core. Undesirables are not welcome in the Jewel district, but should you find yourself with more money than you can spend and almost as much time, the highest of pleasures can be found in the Jewel.

Lastly, with almost no effort at all, one will undoubtedly find themselves in the largest district in Ember, the Glass District. Home to the poor and middle class peoples of the city, as well as many of its industries, the Glass effort itself is broken up into three different boroughs, the Commons, the home to the majority of the city’s many citizens, the Wall, the walled-off factory portion of the Glass district where the many plants that run the city reside as well as homes for their sea of employees, and finally the Island. The Island is the smallest section of the city and it’s most South Eastern. It is here that the city keeps its many and often unwanted segregated citizenry. The human peoples of the Archon Empirium, by and far for the most part are tolerant if not slightly fearful of other races, however, in their capitol city, they are met with universal disdain. Here, in the Island, they are free to live and learn, prisoners without a prison.

Places of Import:

The Whispering Hall
The city’s library and home to the Destined, the monks who keep the city’s knowledge.
Annarond’s Clock work
The home and shop of Annarond Al-Kettle, the city’s premier machinist.
The Armory
The headquarter’s to the city guard, called The Hammer and Shield.
The Gaslight Gardens
A city park in the heart of the Jewel, where exotic trees and industrial miracles meet.
The Locke and Key
The largest and most well-known inn and bar in Ember.
The Pitt River
The river of the dead that leads through Necropolis, the under city where the dead are kept.
The catacombs under the city where all but the royal or incredibly wealthy deceased are buried.
The Arsenal
The largest and most well-known gun craft shop in the eastern seaboard.
The Merchant Circle
The well-kept row of merchant guilds, headed by the talented but ruthless Seven Sons.
The Creeping Inquisiter
The well-known occult and illicit merchant hub in all the Commons, and, perhaps the world.
Syrilleon’s Square
The wealthy, automaton-based park at the center of the Jewel District.

The Castle District

The Jewel District


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