The Jewel District


Every sword worth it’s weight may be known for how sharp its blade is, however, it is recognized by the its shine. The Jewel District is then the mighty gleam that pours from the jeweled pommel of the weapon that is Ember.

For as long as the Spiral City has existed, the powerful have flocked to its promising lure, and for as long as they have, they have needed a place to separate them from their poorer cousins. This section then is the Jewel District, a large course of land in the most northern section of the city where the ultra-rich can show off the toys they can afford. From hanging gardens to floating mansions, graphic displays of wealth are abundant in the Jewel District. It is the only district in Ember currently that has only two gate entrances, as well as it’s own contingent of Hammer an Shield guards. The rich live in opulence and in the Jewel can afford to protect that opulence.

Places of Interest:

The Gaslight Gardens
The Gaslight Gardens are a one of a kind, man-made park area where the affluent can come to enjoy their time away from the smoke-stack factories and bustling streets as well as plot their spiraling intrigues. A long path that winds in a fanciful spiral around the a center fountain, a statue of Pax Thoran, the gladiator king who first built the city, clad in circles of magnet-powered, levitating pools of water that overflow down on to each other, creating less a work of art and more an example of human achievement. Around the impossibly well kept garden path are any number of exotic trees from as far as Cambria and as rare as those that grow in distant Terrassaya. In between each few steps, however, can be found the true marvel of the Gardens, that of the Clockwork Curators. These eloquent and well-dressed automatons wander in a small but set path narrating the history of the Archon Empire to any curious and answering basic questions to the even-curioser. The waters here not only flow around the Garden itself, but under the Grand Gleaming station of the city Metro and out further to the Bay of Broken Swords. Here, any man can seem a king.

The Whispering Halls
The Whispering Halls are sought after by scholars from all the world with their sights set on the sights within. Known affectionately as the Library Endless, the Halls are the largest collection of amassed knowledge in maybe all the Core itself. Run by the Gear Council member Gorion, it may be considered archaic and passe by the wealthy who wander its giant arched doors, however it is held by Queen to be on the best guarded treasures in the city entire.

The Armory
The well-weathered guards streets of Ember show their wear like many cities do, and with its incredible size, it requires an equally worn and equally large force for its protection. These guards are called the Hammer and Shield of Ember, or simply the Shield by the populace. Known for their banner, the eagle and gear of the Archon Emperium slightly adjusted to show a war hammer in one talon and a kite shield in the other, the Shield are paid well and trained often enough to keep them a militia to be reckoned with. Trainee’s are brought in from the various schools and streets of Ember, and if they pass an initial muster, are sent off the Forge, the training grounds under the Castle Labyrinth, where they either fail into arrest or get remade into knights of the Hammer and Shield. The Shield go through several stages in their career, starting with the their time in training as ranked Initiate of the Forge (or Forgelings, as they are affectionately called), then graduating to their first guard duties as the lowly Acolyte of the Watchward, then with enough experience and proven battle combat, eventually promote to the highly skilled Errant of the Hammerfell, with the final Shield promotion to the enviable title of Knight of the Shieldsworn. Should they look to move up from here, the rank of the Engineers, the Personal guard of the castle, and their ranks, to ascend to. The Armory rests in the Southern most part of the Jewel District as the headquarters of the Shield. It is a brotherhood, one of pride and one made in the fires of intense competition, and the Armory is where these human weapons are kept.

Syrilleon’s Square
To all things, a center must exist, and Syrilleon’s Square is the very epicenter of the Jewel District. Made up of a large, almost statue-esque central merchant hall the Square is a series of merchant shops of the finest quality and home to Ember’s unique post delivery system. Visitors to Ember can see a strange sight should they be unaccustomed to it, and that is of a series of thin tubes that snake their way in and out, round and about and underneath the city, from as high as the Waking Tower and all the way down to Necropolis. These tubes carry the important documents that the city uses to send their mail and it in the hustle and bustle of Syrilleon’s Square, named so for the Archon scholar and royal prince who originally created it, that all this begins and ends.

The Jewel District

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