The Archon Empire


Archon, called the Archon Emperium, or the Empire, is the largest nation in all of Agrion, the core continent of the world. While once a powerful kingdom ruling wise and prosperous, the Mage War took the king Arym and the Queen Saskila, leaving only their young daughter, the now Queen Arrusemia, to rule with the aid of the self-serving Council of Gears. As such, the nation has it’s interests divided and many believe it is spreading itself far too thin and reaching too far beyond it’s borders. Still, with it’s powerful and some say frightening new technologies as well as it’s massive army, the Emperium seems here to stay, if even only for now.

The Archon Empire is now known for two things throughout the core: its growing development of technology and rise of the sciences, as well as it’s total hatred for the Elven people. The technology, powerful steam and clockwork machines and machinists urged on by the young Queen, march onward toward every border of every land, while it’s animosity toward the Elves stems from somethign much more internal.

The land is run from it’s capitol city in the Steel and Sky Mountain Range, the impossible metropolis of Ember, a giant city that exists hovering over a large bay, with half of the monument to the Archon Family residing on a gigantic elevator. The city itself twists and turns and runs on the precision of a expertly made clock, with many saying the Court of Gears being the ones to wind it up.

Cities in the Archon Emperium:

Long Hollow
The 5 Shires
Dire Brook
Iron Rock
Gryphon Glenn
Warden Fell
Ender’s Reach

Places of Interest:

The Shadowmere
The Castle Labyrinth
The Capitol City of Ember
The Deep Fields
The Steel and Sky Mountain Range.
Karrsym’s Promenade
The Territarium
The Wellmet Inn
Dragon Rest
Galarond’s Engineering School


Archon trades in mostly technology, passing their gear work and steam engines to whatever kingdoms they have not yet conquered, however they still also rely on the trade of land that has existed long before they have come to power, with raw steel, lumber and wool coming in close behind their well-known mechanical work.


Once a land brimming with diversity in the long journey it’s inhabitants shared toward life, now Humans greatly outnumber any other race in Archon. Not long after the Battle of Evermore and the fall of Xeen, the Human contingent, lead with ruthless zeal by the then-King Arter, drove the Elves from every corner of the Archon Empire. It is said some still exist, though they are so deep in hiding that their existence at all is left only to guess.

Beyond Humans, other races still make up an important minority among the people of the Empire. Dwarves, long-time business partners of the Emperium, make up the second largest peoples in the kingdom. The Dwarves of Xeen consider themselves entirely under a single monarchy and as such only recognize the authority of other sovereigns out of respect. Yet with their bounty of masterwork weapons and tools and the ore and fashioned steel they mine, the Humans have a history of keeping down their racial prejudices with their shorter neighbors. After the Dwarven contingent, Halflings also take up a considerable piece of land in Archon. Known for their impossibly long lifespans and their cumulative wisdom, they have often been considered friends by their Human counterparts. Beyond that, few other races find themselves comfortable under the Gear and Eagle banner, and any passing visitor to the kingdom could easily see why.

The Humans there, however, are mostly a kind and hearty breed. Many travelers from other lands have reported many times that it was not unheard of to be taken in under the duress of night or poor weather by local farmers and given meal and bed for the night. Weather conditions usually stay fair, it should be noted, with only the occasional winter causing Archon any hardship.

The Human peoples of Archon are often indiscernible at a first glance from humans anywhere in the Core. Their hair tends to be of amber or caramel color of a variety of lengths, with men often keeping their cuts to around ear level for the merchant and worker classes and longer for the wealthy, and the women wear theirs as long as they can regardless of social status.

Dress, however, enables the people of Archon to stand out among the large variety of Humans in Xeen. The men seem to prefer browns, blacks and grays in their clothing and are known to wear travelers robes or capes with most outfits almost purely for fashion, with normal, workman’s gear and dress underneath. The women, while more lively in their appearance, often also tone down their style while trying to remain distinctly feminine. Both sexes attempt to keep their dress plain as to appear to directly contradict the Elven people and their heritage in Archon.

The Archon Empire

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