The Gauntlet of Evermore

A long, armored gauntlet made of some kind of rare steel. The gauntlet of Evermore shines a metallic blue with bright, silver trim and a series of hard spikes at its base. The gauntlet seems to fit any arm, but once attached, doesn't seem to want to come


During the Battle of Evermore, the knights of the Midnight Dawn who eventually defeated the evil Lord Xeen wore mystical blue spiked armor. The gauntlet was one part of this set, set aflame with powerful magics that by now could possibly barely work as intended if at all.
This piece, while radiating faintly of magic, seems to hold secrets the heroes can only hope to unlock. Due to it’s enchantment, the glove and bracer can stretch to be worn by almost anyone. Removing it, however, is a different matter…


The Gauntlet of Evermore

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