Welcome to the world of Xeen.

Here, above the tall, Terrin grasslands and below the red, smoke skies of Undarrl, the fantastic forces of arcane magic and the emotionless legions of clockwork automatons wage war. Here, in the Magistar’s court of far-off Gilessandria and in the ever-changing forest pathways of the Shadowmere, the belief in the world and the people that make it up clashes against the bigotry of a bitter, broken culture. Here, there are heroes. Here, there be monsters.

In the world of Xeen, a vast and populous land is trying their best to survive in the wake of a deadly war, one that once threatened the world entire. Just a little over 100 years past a group of mad, blood mages threw their home into disarray by defying the gods and the nature of the order they kept…by creating life of their own. Eventually naming himself Xeen and growing in power, this unborn man became a warrior, a sorcerer, a priest and a god. Turning the magics around him into a plaything of his own, Lord Xeen waged a long war himself alone against all the combined forces of the free people of lands before him in a decade long conflict eventually called “The Battle Of Evermore.”

With every monster, no matter how strong, tenacious or fierce, however, will eventually come a hero to do battle with it. So began the now-forgotten holy order, The Midnight Dawn, whom had summoned the dragons of old to take the god-wizard down. When the dust settled, when the smoke from the fires died out, the world had changed much.

Now and finally named after the Masked Lord and tyrant himself, Xeen did all it could to survive. The Humans, the most populous and ruthlessly efficient race in Xeen blamed the Elves for the violence, rallying other races to cast them out. Strife and misery followed until almost all the Elves in their beauty and grace had left the world of Man behind.

This was not enough, however, to quelch the thirst of retribution.

Soon many nations, already fearful of the dangerous reach of magic that seemed once seemed so far, had outright outlawed it’s use. In it’s place grew the passions for science, the demand for better and better technology to fill the void. Where once floating globes of shimmering silver danced in the vales where the fair folk lived, now can be found giant metallic golems that run on smoke and steel, building and stretching the world in their image. Where once powerful and deft swords that burst with glowing flame, now thieves and brigands and adventurers carry heavy pistols and shoulder-mounted cannons.

Yet magic, as old and eldritch as the once-gods themselves, is not gone. Nor, however, are the mysterious and long-lived Elves…

In Xeen, worlds clash. Magical bolts of shadow and fire meet cannon fire and mechanized long-swords. Yet even beyond the rising tides of newer and newer technology crashing against the waves of the arcane, a larger, and different dichotomy is taking place. On the stages of the world there are newer plateaus of every kind coming out to overthrow the old order, with merchants and mechanists outnumbering holy knights and warlocks, and even away from the field of battle, the greed and avarice of Humans seem to push back the fleeing Elves, the wise, old Halflings and even the gruff Dwarves. With so much strife and so disparate a climate blowing this way and that on the winds, can the world survive?

Join the adventure and find out!

The Archon Emperium

The Rise of Xeen.